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Title:Runescape Prepares Guild Citadel Expansion 2 - Final Fantasy XIV News - www.rsgoldstore.com

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Runescape Prepares Guild Citadel Expansion 2

The Clan Citadels is in place to support the vast number of clans now created within RuneScape and offers new and innovative functionality to those who enjoy playing in this group way. Clan Citadels will be able to offer MMO gamers a more fulfilling multiplayer experience than they may currently enjoy. With Clan Citadel’s unique mechanics, features and user-generated battle arenas, RuneScape will welcome all new players who seek more compelling clan gaming to come and see it for themselves.

Daniel Clough, VP of RuneScape, commented, “For over a decade RuneScape Gold has pioneered MMO development and the launch of Clan Citadels will once again prove RuneScape’s commitment to creating truly unique and innovative content. Since our last clan update in April we have seen more than 1 million RuneScape players sign up to one of the 150,000+ in-game clans, so we felt it an important move to give them all something of this scale to support their clans and we know that they will be hugely looking forward to it.


This update has been designed to make RuneScape’s clan support the envy of the MMO world. We know that the functionality and gameplay offered will appeal to clans from other MMO’s who long for better group play experiences and we warmly invite new clans to check out the update and judge for themselves just what RuneScape has to offer.”


Be sure to check out the teaser trailer of this expansion right HERE at OnRPG.



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